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Become our Partner


At last, introducing World's Greatest Perfume for Homes - SENSUM HOME and for Cars - SENSUM CAR
Imagine scent, that absolutely takes you and gives you the calm, pleasure and joy.
And it is in the place, where you spend most of your life.
Imagine scent, that always turns your mood on and makes you feel fresh and excited.
Yes, believe it, because we invented the new generation and most advanced Perfume.
It's the new luxury standard in Home and Cars Perfume industry, and what we call: "Delicious Scent Revolution"
It's 100% toxin free and absolutely safe, so you will never feel any alergies and etc.
The scent, made of highest possible quality synthetic oil, gives you ultimate pleasure and comfort, so you will feel empowered and happy.
It was perfected by scientists from France and USA, bottled in Europe, Lithuania and made with care and honesty.
This Perfume is the achievement, that you will be proud of at your Home or Car.
It reduces stress, anxiety and makes you feel better even in the early mornings.


  • We offer premium and luxury segment scents.
  • Our scent oils include up to 30 ingredients.
  • They smell fantastic.
  • Customers love our scents.
  • Easy emotional sale.


Luxury car perfume with a hanging bottle

A selection of these exceptionally luxurious and our selected scents

  1. Extraordinary Patchouli Blanc
  2. Nice Walk in the Woods
  3. Super Black 
  4. Luxurious Sandalwood
  5. Pleasant Sandalwood Vanilla 
  6. Relaxing Amalfi Coast
  7. Passionate Black Mink 
  8. Fantastic Golden Bamboo
  9. Mystique Tentation
  10. Elite Santal & Red Ceder

7 ml.
The scents do not contain alcohol.
The scent lasts for 2-3 months.

Luxury Fragrance Diffuser

Choice of the following scents:

  1. Pleasant Sandalwood Vanilla
  2. Extraordinary Patchouli Blanc
  3. Fantastic Golden Bamboo
  4. Super Black
  5. Passionate Black Mink
  6. Nice Walk in the Woods
  7. Perfect Black Vanilla
  8. Mystique Tentation
  9. Elite Santal & Red Ceder

100 ml, 6 sticks.
The scents  do not contain alcohol.
The scent lasts for 4-6 months.



They come bundled with our scents


Sensum Home & Car SCENT MIDI Fragrance Machine


Sensum Home SCENT MINI Fragrance Machine


Sensum Home SCENT MIDI Fragrance Machine


Sensum Home SCENT MAXI L Fragrance Machine




 Stand for SENSUM CAR

Suitable for 6 different scents (option for 12 scents available)
24 products and 6 samples fit
Stand dimensions:
Height - 23.5 cm
Width - 26 cm
Depth - 16 cm
LED lights, electricity is required



Suitable for all our products.
Stand dimensions:
Height - 1.82 m
Width - 0.60 m
Depth - 0.21 m
LED lights, electricity is required



  • Become our registered partner and start earning with us.
  • We give you samples and very nice stands for stores for free with your first partner order. Our scents look and smell amazing.
  • We have developed know-how how our scents SELL themselves to your customers :)
Telephone:  +370 620 86888


SENSUM HOME and SENSUM CAR are registered brands of European based company SENSUM AIR which offers high-end solutions for B2B and B2C clients.